Conditions of Use

Modified on 01/30/2009

MWC Membership

If a member of the MWC Membership program, all policies laid out within the program are applicable also.

Sales Tax

Indiana residents must pay 7.00% sales tax.

Quality Control

Due to the fragile nature of most collectibles, some may be inspected before shipment at the discretion of Most Wanted Collectibles in order to try and ensure customer satisfaction. Therefore, items cannot be guaranteed to be factory sealed. Exception: Some products Most Wanted Collectibles is allowing you, the customer, to choose whether you want factory sealed or inspected. In these cases if you choose 'factory sealed' and the item arrives damaged, Most Wanted Collectibles will not pay any further shipping costs(customer is responsible) and it may be required to file with the shipping carrier for reimbursement of the item, although exchange/refund may be possible. The reason for this is some manufacturers/distributors only accept returns if Most Wanted Collectibles notifies within 7 days of receiving the shipment. In this case, by the time the product arrives to you, the customer, 7 days may have passed, so Most Wanted Collectibles cannot exchange/refund in these situations. Where as if the item was inspected before shipment we could've sent back to the manufacturer/distributor beforing selling a damaged product. There may be exceptions, but this is the general rule. Most Wanted Collectibles will work with you on a case by case basis to ensure fairness to both parties. As we get more of a steady customer base and volume increases...this rule may be removed, but for now...our profit margins dictate stronger rules for dealing with lost income.

Product Packaging

Product packaging is not guaranteed to be mint. Manufacturers and distributors often ship items that arrive with a 'squished corner' or 'dent' to the box/packaging. The item you are purchasing will be undamaged, however the condition of the box it is in may not be perfect. Most Wanted Collectibles won't sell you a box that is in really poor shape, but the corners may not be perfect or there may be creases in the box.


Pre-orders will not be charged until the product is in-stock and being prepared for shipment (Paypal/Check/Money Order will require payment within 7-10 days). A temporary authorization may show up after ordering, but should be removed from your account within 7-10 days. You will never be charged in advance, unless otherwise denoted. Orders containing multiple items will be charged as they ship. Orders requiring multiple shipments will be charged shipping/handling for each shipment. Most Wanted Collectibles is not responsible for manufacturer/distributor delays or allocations from manufacturer/distributor that prevent us from ful-filling the sale.


Special-orders WILL be charged immediately if the item is available (Paypal/Check/Money Order will require payment within 7-10 days). The item will not be ordered until payment is made. Orders requiring multiple shipments will be charged shipping/handling for each shipment. Most Wanted Collectibles is not responsible for manufacturer/distributor delays or allocations. We'll let you know ASAP if the item is no longer available.


Cancellations may be requested at any time prior to shipment. Cancellations and Returns are subject to a 15% cancellation/re-stocking fee. Please email us at with your order number and the items you wish to cancel. The fee is due to the fact that some orders are placed with our distributors based on your orders. Retailers aren't always allowed to cancel an order just because a customer no longer wants the item. Hence the need for a 15% fee to recoup possible losses and deter this type of behavior. Basically we request that you honor your orders.


Please allow 7 business days for processing your refund after the item has been received. Return shipment with tracking/delivery confirmation and insurance is recommended. Most Wanted Collectibles is not liable for packages damaged or lost during return transit. Shipping and handling will not be refunded unless Most Wanted Collectibles was in error.

Site Errors

As everyone makes mistakes sometimes, Most Wanted Collectibles reserves the right to correct any inaccuracies or errors in pricing or quantity at any time. This includes after an order has been placed. Example: You order a Gentle Giant Darth Vader Statue for $20, when it should have been $200. In all fairness, that is a pretty big error. We'll try to live up to some errors of this type, but depending on the situation cancel or adjust the price and give you the option to cancel the order. However, Most Wanted Collectibles will not play the Ebay game where we sell something for $45 that is going for $150 on Ebay and cancel or change the order. That type of order will not be canceled or modified.

Questions about Conditions of Use?

If you have any questions about the conditions of use, please contact us. Most Wanted Collectibles is aware that people may interpret things differently or have better suggestions on how to word things. We are generally pretty lenient in our terms and willing to adjust them at our discretion to better suit our customers.

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